Do Not Compare Yourself to Others

Just a small reminder for today:

Do not compare yourself to others

It is vastly easy to do so nowadays, thanks to the internet we can see more people living their perfect life. Going on a holiday to beautiful tropical places, succeeding at work or even starting up their own businesses, getting married, buying a new car… You basically see everyone being dazzling happy and you start comparing yourself to them, yet the main wrong thing about this is that you compare your inside with someone else’s outside.

Everyone sees what you appear to be,

few experience what you really are.

Niccolo Machiavelli

When you stop comparing yourself to others you will finally get in touch with your true needs. You will see if the things you want to achieve are driven by you or others. Do I want to go to the gym because I enjoy it or because all of my “friends” do it? Do I want to be the best at work and climb up the career ladder because it makes me feel good and it will fulfil me or do I have tot do it in order to become worthy in someone else’s eyes? The only person you should compare yourself is the person you were yesterday.

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