Hi, I’m Jo and really glad to see you here.

Well, I guess it’s just right to introduce myself so here we go. I am a Polish woman, living in the UK for over 10 years now, and it seems like I’m not going back anytime soon… or ever. Who knows? 
I work as an Assistant Manager at some chain restaurant and, I’m not gonna lie- it is not my dream job. I’m 31 years old and have no purpose or passion in my life and I feel really crap about it.
It would be so easy to just say that and let it define me as a failing 31 years old Polish woman that migrated to England to have a better life. I actually had a pretty good life back in Poland and I came to England to get independent, learn English and drink some tea. Ok, maybe to gain some of that British life experience.
I decided to dig deeper to see who I actually am. I don’t want to be defined by my job title- I don’t even like my job. Definitely not by marital status nor by my emotional state.
If I was defined by those factors I’d be a 31 years old woman in a relationship BUT NOT MARRIED with no kids (Dear Lord!) also a restaurant manager and a sad fucker that cries a lot. How fun! Fuck that.
What we do and achieve changes. The only thing that always stays the same is that we’re humans. The only thing left to find out is what kind of human I am and maybe my ways to approach a certain situation? I don’t know. I shall find out what is it that I’m looking for.

I know one thing about myself… I always communicated better in writing. When it comes to difficult conversations, arguments and talking about my feelings I get awkwardly silent and have no idea what to say. But then I can write a long ass love letter or an essay on human interactions and I can also write a few pages on how something made me feel.

This blog is my way to express myself. Maybe someone will join in for a chat, or will read this and say ‘Hey, this is me, I struggle with the same dilemmas!’ And maybe it’ll be a place to exchange thoughts and to support each other.
This is my journey on self- discovery, my point of view on mental health, finances, social life, relationships, feminism (or the lack of it) and many other topics worth chatting about. I will try to document this here whether I have an audience or not.
Grab a cup of tea or coffee or whatever your poison is and jump in to my HOW VERY SELFISH blog about ME.